Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Small Things

Greetings citizens!

Looks like lately I've little time, there's always something around that needs to be done, or some place to go to. I've been too busy to write more posts and finish the ones I had started at some point. So today I'm gonna address several topics, because honestly each of these aren't worth of an entire post.

Trivia: Did you know I hate cops?

My hatred toward cops stem from personal interactions, when the officer is out of duty and harasses citizens for no reason other than he's become an egomaniac douchebag, who's also armed. I bet there are some cops out there who aren't like that, I bet some are cool guys, blah blah blah, I've yet to meet one who isn't a massive asshole, though. The ones I've met, exhibit a behavior very akin to those mobsters who they're supposed to be putting behind bars.

Why am I talking about this? I have this neighbor, let's call him Coward Dickheadson, he's a cop. Few months ago he asked to change his assigned parking with mine. I don't own a car, but my relatives use it to park constantly, when they come to visit. The answer was no. First, he talked to the manager. Then he tried to intimidate my mother (who doesn't even live here) one day when she was parking. Talked to the manager again, eventually gave up, not without breaking the parking post lock first.

Few days ago, Mr. Dickheadson apparently lost his keys, and what did he do? He broke the main entrance lock of the building. That's his special skill, he breaks shit. When told he had to pay for that, he told everybody to fuck off. He also likes telling everybody he's a cop, as if that fact granted him special immunity.

This is just one case, I've seen shit like this happen in many situations. And the funny thing is when I've actually needed the protection of the police, I had none. This is maybe thanks to the fact I live in a corrupt country, where you can pay the police to let you go, even if you're caught and identified by the victims. But sad truth is I feel safer when I see a "gangsta", at least that motherfucker's intentions are clear and obvious; with cops, you never know.

In my opinion the only solution is technology. I want androids that can't be blackmailed, aren't subject to egomaniac tendencies and don't have to be my neighbors.


Profiling vs Racism

Speaking of justice and stuff. You've probably read about the Trayvon Martin case, that black guy who got shot to death in Florida, when apparently he wasn't looking for trouble (the skittles and iced tea guy). The media has gotten mad about it, many things had been said about the person who killed him, George Zimmerman, first they wanted to identify him as a white man, committing a hate crime. When it's now known he's not even white, he didn't utter racial slurs when talking to the 911 operator. He didn't even go to prison for a reason, he had wounds, he was probably just defending himself when he shot that nigga down.

But I don't want to address the case specifically. I want to talk about something related to it: profiling. You see, when you live a city with a high rate of crimes, like I do, you learn to profile people. It's not an organized conscious method, it's almost instinctive. Sometimes you spot some dudes and you know in your gut, they're up to something. You take your chances, either go in a different direction or act like nothing is happening. 

 "I think I'll run scared shitless in the opposite direction. Yup"

There's just something about the way they walk, how they're dressed, how they look around, how they scan people. You can even determinate what type of crime they'd likely commit, just by observing these cues.

When you do see the signs, you're not looking for the race of the person. You don't go like "look, a brown person, must be a criminal", this pattern of thought is only held when you're exposed to something completely alien to you, i.e. you've never seen a person of that race or ethnicity in real life. 

Does the race of a person come to play a role in crimes? Sure, some races are prone to certain crimes, just check the crime statistics, unless you're a blind hippie shithead you can't deny that fact. Nonetheless, when you're profiling in the street to avoid dangerous situations, you look for the other signs. 

I have no idea if Zimmerman was just looking for a reason to shoot someone, I have no idea if he had experience in profiling people, BUT if he did, and he was just trying to protect his neighborhood, the odds are Martin had a suspicious attitude, to begin with. Alas, "innocent victims" sell better to the public, especially if they belong to a "minority".


The Corn Tumor

Just look what I found in my cereal.

This aberration is around 10 cms (4 inches) long, it's hard like a rock, as in if my life was in danger right now, I could use it as a weapon. This seems silly, but it really puzzled me. I don't know what to do with it. Should I try eating it? Should I try checking if it has a pulse and is alive? 

I'm thinking about giving it a name. Conrad, the Corn Tumor!

Seriously Kellogg's, what the fuck? My box didn't say it contained a prize, much less a deformed corn thing... y.

On the plus side, it fed my creativity
Behold my newest master piece!


Films, Easter and Bad Parenting

I feel fairly touched by the coming easter celebration, believe it or not, I'm a sensible person, so to share the feeling with my fellow christians, I watched The Boondock Saints and some stuff about the dead resurrecting, AKA zombie flicks. Not bad for an atheist, eh? Eh?

I also watched The Hunger Games, at some point last week. The story is boring as hell, it "borrows" (as when a thief borrows your belongings) elements from Battle Royale, The Long Walk and 1984, without the mind-blowing factor or the philosophically engaging factor. On the top of that, no gore, little violence. Something which premise is people killing each other on tv, cannot get less violent than this. I'm not planning on reading the books either. 

Immediately after watching it, I found this article.

I don't have enough hands to facepalm as this deserves. I'm aware over-protecting parents isn't a new thing, but I'm seeing more and more bullshit on the media about violence and "think of the children" mentality.

This might be a new riveting concept for some, but violence is not fiction, it's not something that only exists on books and movies. Bad things happen to everybody, all the time, everywhere, and fiction has nothing to do with it. A douche with an authority high might break your locks, some dude might shoot you in a strange neighborhood, and you might find a corn tumor in your breakfast. Deal with it and teach your kids to deal with it, too.

Over-protection is detrimental for the mental health of children. People want to preserve their so-called innocence, what they're truly achieving is creating a bunch of dumbfounded passive sheltered idiots, who won't be able to handle any situation where they're not treated like special snowflakes, or a situation that is by nature, stressful.

No wonder why the anti-bullying trend is so hyped lately, and why there has been so many "bullied kids" reports. The society is creating the fucking victims, while fomenting the figurative castration of more assertive individuals.