Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Small Things

Greetings citizens!

Looks like lately I've little time, there's always something around that needs to be done, or some place to go to. I've been too busy to write more posts and finish the ones I had started at some point. So today I'm gonna address several topics, because honestly each of these aren't worth of an entire post.

Trivia: Did you know I hate cops?

My hatred toward cops stem from personal interactions, when the officer is out of duty and harasses citizens for no reason other than he's become an egomaniac douchebag, who's also armed. I bet there are some cops out there who aren't like that, I bet some are cool guys, blah blah blah, I've yet to meet one who isn't a massive asshole, though. The ones I've met, exhibit a behavior very akin to those mobsters who they're supposed to be putting behind bars.

Why am I talking about this? I have this neighbor, let's call him Coward Dickheadson, he's a cop. Few months ago he asked to change his assigned parking with mine. I don't own a car, but my relatives use it to park constantly, when they come to visit. The answer was no. First, he talked to the manager. Then he tried to intimidate my mother (who doesn't even live here) one day when she was parking. Talked to the manager again, eventually gave up, not without breaking the parking post lock first.

Few days ago, Mr. Dickheadson apparently lost his keys, and what did he do? He broke the main entrance lock of the building. That's his special skill, he breaks shit. When told he had to pay for that, he told everybody to fuck off. He also likes telling everybody he's a cop, as if that fact granted him special immunity.

This is just one case, I've seen shit like this happen in many situations. And the funny thing is when I've actually needed the protection of the police, I had none. This is maybe thanks to the fact I live in a corrupt country, where you can pay the police to let you go, even if you're caught and identified by the victims. But sad truth is I feel safer when I see a "gangsta", at least that motherfucker's intentions are clear and obvious; with cops, you never know.

In my opinion the only solution is technology. I want androids that can't be blackmailed, aren't subject to egomaniac tendencies and don't have to be my neighbors.


Profiling vs Racism

Speaking of justice and stuff. You've probably read about the Trayvon Martin case, that black guy who got shot to death in Florida, when apparently he wasn't looking for trouble (the skittles and iced tea guy). The media has gotten mad about it, many things had been said about the person who killed him, George Zimmerman, first they wanted to identify him as a white man, committing a hate crime. When it's now known he's not even white, he didn't utter racial slurs when talking to the 911 operator. He didn't even go to prison for a reason, he had wounds, he was probably just defending himself when he shot that nigga down.

But I don't want to address the case specifically. I want to talk about something related to it: profiling. You see, when you live a city with a high rate of crimes, like I do, you learn to profile people. It's not an organized conscious method, it's almost instinctive. Sometimes you spot some dudes and you know in your gut, they're up to something. You take your chances, either go in a different direction or act like nothing is happening. 

 "I think I'll run scared shitless in the opposite direction. Yup"

There's just something about the way they walk, how they're dressed, how they look around, how they scan people. You can even determinate what type of crime they'd likely commit, just by observing these cues.

When you do see the signs, you're not looking for the race of the person. You don't go like "look, a brown person, must be a criminal", this pattern of thought is only held when you're exposed to something completely alien to you, i.e. you've never seen a person of that race or ethnicity in real life. 

Does the race of a person come to play a role in crimes? Sure, some races are prone to certain crimes, just check the crime statistics, unless you're a blind hippie shithead you can't deny that fact. Nonetheless, when you're profiling in the street to avoid dangerous situations, you look for the other signs. 

I have no idea if Zimmerman was just looking for a reason to shoot someone, I have no idea if he had experience in profiling people, BUT if he did, and he was just trying to protect his neighborhood, the odds are Martin had a suspicious attitude, to begin with. Alas, "innocent victims" sell better to the public, especially if they belong to a "minority".


The Corn Tumor

Just look what I found in my cereal.

This aberration is around 10 cms (4 inches) long, it's hard like a rock, as in if my life was in danger right now, I could use it as a weapon. This seems silly, but it really puzzled me. I don't know what to do with it. Should I try eating it? Should I try checking if it has a pulse and is alive? 

I'm thinking about giving it a name. Conrad, the Corn Tumor!

Seriously Kellogg's, what the fuck? My box didn't say it contained a prize, much less a deformed corn thing... y.

On the plus side, it fed my creativity
Behold my newest master piece!


Films, Easter and Bad Parenting

I feel fairly touched by the coming easter celebration, believe it or not, I'm a sensible person, so to share the feeling with my fellow christians, I watched The Boondock Saints and some stuff about the dead resurrecting, AKA zombie flicks. Not bad for an atheist, eh? Eh?

I also watched The Hunger Games, at some point last week. The story is boring as hell, it "borrows" (as when a thief borrows your belongings) elements from Battle Royale, The Long Walk and 1984, without the mind-blowing factor or the philosophically engaging factor. On the top of that, no gore, little violence. Something which premise is people killing each other on tv, cannot get less violent than this. I'm not planning on reading the books either. 

Immediately after watching it, I found this article.

I don't have enough hands to facepalm as this deserves. I'm aware over-protecting parents isn't a new thing, but I'm seeing more and more bullshit on the media about violence and "think of the children" mentality.

This might be a new riveting concept for some, but violence is not fiction, it's not something that only exists on books and movies. Bad things happen to everybody, all the time, everywhere, and fiction has nothing to do with it. A douche with an authority high might break your locks, some dude might shoot you in a strange neighborhood, and you might find a corn tumor in your breakfast. Deal with it and teach your kids to deal with it, too.

Over-protection is detrimental for the mental health of children. People want to preserve their so-called innocence, what they're truly achieving is creating a bunch of dumbfounded passive sheltered idiots, who won't be able to handle any situation where they're not treated like special snowflakes, or a situation that is by nature, stressful.

No wonder why the anti-bullying trend is so hyped lately, and why there has been so many "bullied kids" reports. The society is creating the fucking victims, while fomenting the figurative castration of more assertive individuals. 

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Destroying the World for Dummies

So I recently watched The Grey, it was good overall. It's a film about survival, faith (or lack thereof) and wolves. Forget about hippie feel-good films like Dances with Wolves, with tolerance bullshit propaganda. Or pro-furry gullible messages like "nature iz ur frand". This film is crude and direct, like survival in real life. It shows us how you cannot sugarcoat reality, especially when a wolf is gnawing on your pal's entrails, few meters away from you.
Yiff this, motherfucker. I dare you

I won't spoil the film, but it has all the ways things can go wrong for people in the wilderness. How fragile is human life out in the elements, away from civilization, how we would get pwned by nature, if we were suddenly exposed to it. After finishing the movie, I suddenly felt thankful for all the things I have. Think about it, we have: electricity, running water, access to medical attention, devices to communicate, even the fucking public transport, I so much despise; all of this makes of our existence not a constant fight to survive.

If you don't asphyxiate, that is

And the thing is we've grown so comfy in our little homes, we don't usually stop to think how would it really be if it was all gone. It reminds me of certain debate I've had the chance to encounter several times on the internet. The quasi-anarchic "waiting for the end of world as we know it", "wishing for the collapse of society", the fallout fantasy and that crap.

I recognize where such desire stems from, you're frustrated with how society works, you're tired of your medium-low pay time-consuming mind-numbing occupation, the world is full of dumbfucks (this probably includes you and you don't even admit it). That's understandable, you want everything to turn upside down, destruction, the fireworks and then survival of fittest for everybody.

Yeah, sure, as if only you were going to survive for long.

The odds are you can't even stand living without fucking electricity. - I for one CAN'T do it for long without feeling murderous rage. - You're probably flabby or fat and the hardest activity you've ever done is mowing your lawn, not without extensively complaining about it. And the only self-defense method you know, is pressing ctrl or alt and clicking your mouse. But life in such post-apocalyptic scenario wouldn't be as easy as in a VG, you cannot save and reload.

But let's say you have some training and wits, you're almost like Ted Kaczynski and you can manage yourself without society. Or maybe you've watched enough the Bear Grylls program and you know better when to drink your own piss or not. It's not so far fetched my dear Rambo to assume, you might still fail because without order, and a defined hierarchy, life would be too hard to live on your own.

In a forum I frequent sometimes, totally for smart people, someone gave a solution to the overpopulation problem and the dumbfuck problem. "Let's just kill all the low IQ average Joes. And let's keep the smart people, the scientists, the great thinkers and artists". The final solution for losers doesn't sound as such terrible idea, until you realize the implications. For instance: who's gonna work in the fields and ship your food? Who's gonna work in the market, in the fast food restaurants? Who's gonna clean for all those great minds who are busy making breakthrough innovations?

Whether we want it or not, we need the burger flippers, these obnoxious basic human beings who find Lady Gaga philosophically deep. We need people to function in a level we're used to and we can realistically face, without being in constant danger and going back to a primitive lifestyle. What we don't need is so many of them (population control anyone?). - Even Ted Kaczynski had to go to town once in a while, to buy canned food.

This doesn't mean I don't understand the problems, on the contrary, but these aren't the solutions.

Tired of a decadent culturally empty society? Let's start by promoting "the right" ideas/opinions. Don't support stupid entertainment.

Law enforcement is a tool, don't shield behind "fuck the authority" to not get involved and keep complaining about the very system which has guaranteed your survival this far. If you want a change, learn your goddamn politics first and get involved.

Don't like your job? quit, do something else, adapt to other lifestyle if you have to.

But I suppose all of it sounds boring, it requires you to assume responsibility over your life and actions; not like in Mad Max or Fallout, the realm of fantasy where everything is thrilling and causality doesn't function like in reality. In the end of the day, you can shut down the computer, turn off the TV, go to your comfy bed and dream about the zombie apocalypse. Be glad at least you have that.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Horny 2012

Short post.

Remember the director of the Kony 2012 video, the one I talked about here?

Don't be mean, you guys, he was probably just
practicing some dance he learned in Uganda

For information of what happened, refer to this.

In short, Jason Russell, the director of the Kony 2012 video had a breakdown, went batshit crazy while intoxicated (on what?), masturbated in public, vandalized cars and gave us some invaluable lessons like: insane people can make a lot of money out of gullible dumbfucks. And you can't have a public breakdown in peace anymore, there will be someone with a camera around.

While in normal circumstances I don't judge causes, works, etc, by what the creator does in his personal life, this is entirely a different thing, the man clearly has issues, and the cause was misguided from the beginning (as I stated in my previous post). There's no much left to be said besides that.

I shall refer to Slacktivism as phenomena in the near future.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Saving the World for Dummies

The Kony viral video exploded this week, like a maggot filled dead horse. I read about the subject and watched the video last night, and I'm pretty sure you know what I'm talking about, since the video has gotten 56,647,137 views in 4 days, on YouTube.

The video has everything your average bleeding heart craves for: Africans, kids crying, the flat evil character, emotive music, hollywood-like production, a cause to fight for in the easiest, less inconvenient way possible. The recipe to buy a soul, to wash the white guilt in the western, with just a click, a small donation. It was meant to be a success. Starving kids covered in flies and bloated by parasites, don't have the same visual impact anymore, we've seen too many of those ads already popping up.

The video left me with many questions like: Who the fuck is Kony? Why is his name so ridiculous? And where the fuck is Uganda? Wikipedia saved my ass once again.

Oh yeah, now it rings a bell, that country in the film
"The Last King of Scotland

Uganda has already gone through a lot of shit, like Idi Amin Dada (who's portrayed in that film), alleged cannibalism, torture, killing; and no one gave a fuck. In fact, reading a small resume of the history of this country, when the hell have they been well? And suddenly because some dude with the hero complex makes some massive campaign to target tools and make profit of them, everybody cares.

It must suck to live there, but I won't claim I understand its complexity, after reading few articles online. Besides, it's their problem, their business. How come many of us are against American foreign policies, against interventionism, and suddenly it's alright to ask Americans to be the world police, assume control of the situation these persons have had years to repair, but haven't. And some could defend the action as: Americans would just train them, give advice. Give advice my ass. Are you now going to ask America to do, what you have condemned them for in the past? For going to Iraq and meddling into other country's affairs... Oh but yeah, NOW it's the right thing to do, NOW it's the time to act, fill the pockets of this shady organization, so you can sleep better at fucking night.

Yes, that's a shady organization, if you've not read about it yet, it took me less than five minutes to find information about it. Do I have to remind anyone that organizations like this aren't taxed? This is all clean money going to these random guys, but okay, it's your choice how you spend your money. Buy your pride "I support this cause" bracelet, but hurry up, Invisible Children has informed they don't have more kits to sell you on time until April.

It has happened with many causes already. All the faux activism, buy a shirt and get on your high horse, pretending you care, because you're easy target for emotional manipulation. Yesterday it was the starving kids, the pandas, the planet Earth, today it's Kony, tomorrow it'll be the tortured African women, then some endangered species, then more African kids...

Am I the only one noticing the pattern? No matter how much the world tries to help them, they'll always need more. The more people intervene, the weaker these persons get, or is it that they don't consider them self-reliable persons, to begin with? They're considered, like the panda, helpless, inferior. Deep inside many of these bleeding hearts don't want Africa to improve, they need them, they need their victims to save and play "the common folk hero" role. - Did I mention people living in Uganda are criticizing this campaign, claiming it does not reflect the reality of the country today?

Not only I remember Uganda for its crazy dictators, but their bills like one in 2009, where they intended to ban homosexuality, sentencing gays to death, and extraditing those citizens abroad to be judged. Yup, now your Kony bracelet won't go well with your purple t-shit supporting gay rights. You should wear the green one, instead, the one with the "save the planet" slogan.

Or better yet, if you care so much, start looking around you, see at your own problems, your own people and actually do something. That will be hard, you can't buy changes with $15 and sharing videos on social networks.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

I HATE YOUR... taste?

"You're okay, I like how you taste"

No, I really don't hate your taste. More like I hate how people decide to judge others just based on their preferences, and how they try to condensate their personality to be what they like and what they don't. I hate how people buy the nonconformist subculture bullshit. But that's too long for a title and otherwise couldn't have inserted the lame Salad Fingers joke.

It's fair to say everybody has fallen for that at some point, especially during teenage years, or maybe you're still a teenager (in which case sucks to be you, you're not even a complete human being, yet). In my case, as always with music, I found the non mainstream music genre: Black Metal. Loved the music, the screams, the themes, their attitude. And of course found my Black Metal acquaintances, it was the only thing that glued us together, because otherwise we hadn't much in common.

I always liked "strange" things, films, music, books. It's exciting digging for rare stuff because you can stumble upon hidden gems, skilled artists doing what's not very popular and more in my (creepy) alley. But some of these guys took it to the extreme. Everything had to be kvlt, super underground and unknown, or it wasn't good for them. The "sold-outs", AKA everybody with more than 100 listeners, are looked down upon, and suddenly because something becomes relatively popular it means it sucks balls. In fact you might not even dare to listen to other genres, because you deserve to be dead.

This is the kind of people I'm talking about. The ones who become elitist for no good reason. The ones who will embrace every part of their subculture, become a walking cliche, and shun all the other "sheep". As if covering who they're and conforming to a subculture wasn't sheep-ish enough.

This elitism comes in two forms, fans and haters. Do you like the The Beatles? Well, a group of people will tell you it's absolute overrated crap and you should feel bad. You don't like that band? Oh well, fuck you, you don't know shit about music and you should feel bad. Where's the intermediate point when I can enjoy some songs and don't give enough of a fuck?

But I know the reason why people adopt this mindset (besides the fact, the human body isn't flexible enough to fellate itself), they relate to their taste in the wrong way, it comes to form part of who they are, their strength, their identity, without it, there's little left and this isn't "cool" enough. Similar to what happens to nerds, but with more of a personal choice. The choice is going against the current and being different.

The horrible mainstream, which I must say musically sucks mostly, but not because it's popular per se. But in their eagerness to go against the mainstream they'll blindly reject everything popular. I generally ignore hyped crap, these persons hate it with passion, as if Justin Bieber went directly and raped them, killed their family and burnt down their homes.

It's true that our taste can tell a lot about us, just like visual cues, the way you react, your body language, habits, addictions, physical features. Even things like your chin could tell about you.

"OH GOD" That's all I can say here

Like yeah, you're a grown up man and you like fucking pony cartoons designed for little girls, you're fucked up in the head, that's true, you need help. But the odds are, you cannot be defined for that single aspect of you. I refuse to believe everybody is so simple. And the funny thing is while people go judging others for being so shallow and dumb, they're committing the same sin themselves. By now we all should know, everybody's a dumbfuck until proven otherwise, independently of what they wear and what they like.

Begone now, citizens, the show is over.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Social Networks own us

I know most of you, if not all, reading this have an account in a social networking site, either facebook, twitter, lastfm, google+, deviantart, myspace or other. There's simply no escape from it, or is it?

Recently I deactivated my twitter account, there was no reason for me to use it, since I have this blog I can drop every thought here, or go old school and talk to a human being. I've not gotten rid of my facebook because I use it to network with people in my area of work, but to be honest, I cannot be assed to keep contact with them, I just keep adding them and accepting requests. I suppose if I suck at networking, I'll eventually get rid of it, and the almost 200 friendly strangers on it, too.

I never was into social networking, not for long anyway, I've been forced by circumstances, AKA trying to push my career, since I work online. I can't really deal with all the shallow dumb shit people dump everywhere on the web, as if somehow someone should care. Sure, I care for the shallow dumb shit my friends spur, but those are not many.

I feel the need to share with those friends I have online, and for that I have a private album somewhere else, not a social network, where I display my naked sexy pics... okay, just pics of my pet and me, and other boring crap. I do pretty much what your average Joe does online, I just prefer some sort of privacy, less noise and less drama.

But people needing the devotion of many to feel accomplished and people gossiping about others, aren't new riveting concepts, and that's exactly the catch: that's what brought chicks to post duckfaces on myspace, that's what brought douchbags to tweet every single step they take, that's what brought your parents to play farmville on FB, that's what gave Mark Zuckerberg his $17.5 billions**.

I hear many complaints about the privacy, but from my experiment with social networks, I found out they know as much as you want to. It's your choice signing up and giving all that sensitive information for them to manipulate.

For instance, I knew of lastfm since 2008, it's a great way to find music. It wasn't until 2010 I started scrobbling (sending data of what I listen to, for them to store and show publicly on my profile), I thought about it for months: "Revealing what I listen to!? Oh the nerve" but I find it handy and I do not regret it.

At some point, I noticed my lastfm acquaintances were "leaking" on FB, and now, you can pretty much connect all your accounts, and all your "friends". They know on FB what you like on youtube, or what you read on X news site. It does feel like invasion of privacy, but again, what are you really giving up here? Who's the one to blame?

Google's new Privacy Policy and TOS has alarmed people all over the globe, about security and the rights of content creators using google's service as platform (youtube, blogger, etc). There's a reason to be shitting bricks regarding privacy only if you DIDN'T read the Privacy Policy. They already had access to that information, they're now going to use that information for customizing ads. I've already gotten ads relevant to keywords I used on my personal emails, for months. We've been fucked already, and this is not new.

But what are they really doing? Just getting richer, adding some billions to the $16.7 billions Larry Page (Google's co-founder and CEO) has**. They don't really care about you, the individual who googles "cute cat", or "pedo necro scat furry gay porn". We're just getting profiled and targeted for marketing, people, we're not individuals for them, just branded sheep.

Am I the only one noticing they ask you for more personal information, in order to "protect" your personal information? It's like redundant joke. "Add your phone number, to protect your account", "your credit card number..." Access to you, your money, that's all. They already got your attention and loyalty; many persons even report addiction to fucking FB and Twitter, for Cthulhu's sake. I don't even understand how that happens, those are the most boring sites on the internet, they're full of people I don't care for, or people I could talk to directly, without them spamming me with their little predicaments 24/7.

There's this thing I noticed, sometimes when I google something, some of my gmail contacts pop in a small section above "One of your contacts googled the same you googled". What the hell do I need that information for? Why do I need to know if my clients have the same fetish I do? Or the same medical issues I want to read about? Why why WHY? And the problem is not fucking google, the problem is THE PEOPLE, the fucking users and their unwarranted self-importance, who keep biting the bait, for a little of attention and a space in my subconscious to advertise their pathetic lives.

What you do on the internet seems to be a big deal, after all people have gotten in all sorts of legal troubles with the authorities, because of their online activities. The rat is often an acquaintance of the offender nonetheless, who contacts the authorities. So think twice before whining on a site with your "friends".

And then there's the problem with content creators. This guy explains the problem with the new TOS.

In resume he says YT now can use and modify his videos, use it for marketing on national TV. Okay, call me insane but Youtube can pay $100 million to Hollywood producers and crew to make 96 new exclusive YT channels. So I don't think they'll dig the stuff, these amateurs are producing, to exploit them on national TV. Just sayin'

Not only that, but these persons are making money out YT, and have a place to broadcast their stuff. And there's this option, I've used myself which hides the vids you upload, making them available to watch via direct linking. They could do that, and they could not receive money from YT. And now they're complaining?

I draw the line. I voice my opinion against something I find detrimental, like my past article on SOPA and PIPA. This is not it, the ones to blame here are ourselves and all the attention junkies. I really had a inner debate about this issue, because Google owns half of the internet, these persons aren't stupid, but this is a crime with a willful victim. And I'm done with this topic, now I'm gonna watch some pedo necro scat furry gay porn.

**Notice I conveniently added the estimated fortunes of these guys have made out of us, while all we have now is the attention of 1000 bored strangers, if anything.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Retro Kitsch II

Not many videos this time just audio, except for the ones with *** below.






Why another one?

Because fuck you, that's why.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

An Experiment with Time

I'd opened my eyes few times, kept staring at the ceiling's rough grainy texture. Some rays of sunlight sneaked in, fooling the solid black curtains, they revealed the dancing dots of light, the dust. I learned to determinate what time of the day it is, just by looking at the light coming through my window. If it's directly projecting on my walls, it means it's morning; if it's diffuse, it's reflecting from the building in front, it means it's evening. It must have been around 8 or 9 am, I went back to sleep.

I dreamed of concrete blocks and people fighting. I dreamed of myself as a child and as a big gray hungry dog. The dog killed the kid. I woke up.

I had to go to the sink to expel the phlegm, I was choking on. I saw myself in the mirror. The messy hair, the marks of pillows and covers carved on my skin, from face to arms, it looked like a nice new set of scars, branching out from my neck like an old dead tree. It seemed like I had started looking like a different person in the last few days, I suppose that's what happens when you drink 30% of your total weight in booze, in three days.

Got hot coffee and a smoke.


Not a great accomplishment, but I survived yet another birthday. Extreme self-indulgence is over now, I can stop wallowing in booze and films, not before I share a bit of them with you.

In Time: A future where people stop aging at 25, alas, they need to buy themselves time (which works as currency) to keep living. The poor people die "young", while the rich get older without showing signs. Very straightforward critique to capitalism, if you ask me, albeit it wasn't as good as it could have been. The plot holes, and the fact that the end was so generic I already forgot it (lucky you, I can't spoil it), makes it another of the crowd. You won't get a plot like Logan's Run here.

Hanna: Well, that was strange. Skilled assassin teenage girl, trained by her father with some specific target: killing an intelligence agent, who happens to be responsible for the death of her mother. I found some interesting symbolism in Hanna, with the animals and fairytale like themes, combined with cold killing super-soldiers... to be honest, I just expected it to be crappy as hell, but it wasn't. It has its moments.

I wish I had been trained to kill people, hunt animals and taught different languages, when I was that age. Instead I had to do normal teenage stuff, like wearing too much makeup, defining my personality, and making blood pacts with demons, bleh.

In My Skin (Dans ma peau) low-budget French film about self-mutilation. The word "gross" comes to mind, especially the "self-consumption" scenes (I swear I'm never biting my nails again), but this film is not to be watched for the shock factor and the visuals, a la Nekromantink style, or the Human Centipede. This is a drama around a woman and her disconnection with the self, her life and body.

If you're more into violence for the sake of it, Man Bites Dog could be for you. The Belgian cult film is a satire about a serial killer, and a crew filming his adventures for a documentary. He goes on a spree since the very beginning of the film, there's no build up, or much of a conventional plot. No great effects, shot in black and white, no soundtrack adding tension to the violent scenes, which are entwined with scenes of the main character with his family and friends having fun, or simply going on philosophical monologues.

One could argue one important theme here is the disconnection, as in the previous film above, but reflected upon others, not the self. - Beyond that, this is a drama-comedy, it has moments that will crack you up.

And finally, Irreversible, I had already watched this around 2003, a year after it was released, but just re-watched it since I couldn't remember it at all. There's not much to be said here about the plot. Most people have heard of this film, because it's controversial and contains a very famous rape scene with Monica Bellucci. But I must say the direction is great, this coming from someone who gets motion-sickness with shaky camera effects. The director, Gaspar NoƩ, plays with the colors, the moods, and crude imagery. Thomas Bangalter (Daft Punk) delivers a flawless soundtrack, to accompany this visual input. The inverted linearity of events, just helps to show how cause and effect interact, in a way that goes under radar in our daily lives; as well as flirting with Dunne's theory of "nonlinear" time.

Highly recommended. Funny thing, I never was into Daft Punk, but I love their STs.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Strange Sound

Some of you must be aware of the strange sounds/noises, which have been recorded and uploaded on youtube, for the past few months or so. If not, here you go:

HOLY SHIT, what's that at 4:00? It's so creepy!
Oh wait, it's just people speaking Ukrainian

But the plot thickens, it's not just in Ukraine, apparently a similar sound could be heard in different parts of the world. England, Germany, France, Ireland, Denmark, Norway, Spain, Hungary, Russia, America, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Brazil, Mexico, and others, have reported the same phenomena, sometimes, the same sound, in different locations at the same time.

This sound is strangely familiar to me.
Who stole my Megaptera and Lustmord albums!?

Some of these have been debunked already, by enthusiasts studying the phenomena, others are believed to be real, not manipulated by the persons recording, without any normal explanation whatsoever. No aircrafts passing by, no earthquakes, no factories, no distorted sound coming from a recognizable source.

So, what the fuck?

They already have theories about what's causing these sounds. The usual suspects of course:


The wrath of God
Well, it was a pleasure keeping this blog for like... 2 months?
I told you people, let's get ready for it

The hum is a known phenomena that has been investigated and reported for ages.

Some explanations track the source to technology and the hyper sensibility of some individuals. Others directly to the Earth being an ass. Another plausible theory links the sounds to the sun flares, rushing the earth atmosphere.

Truth is there's no a single confirmed explanation as of yet. Just theories.

Now, the plot thickens again!

The nazis, maaan, I knew it was the nazis

I got interested on this for some particular reason. Around 2008, I started listening to this humming, it would last for 3 minutes max. Always between 1 am and 4am. - Dun dun DUHHH! D: - It wasn't as much as metallic roars as the videos above, but more like hums. Similar to these, the only difference is it could reach a higher pitch at times:

I wasn't the only one who heard it. Once even in a different part of the city, at a similar hour. It repeated constantly that and next year, and less during 2010. I can't remember the last time I heard it. I always attributed it to the subway near home (which doesn't sound like that, at all, and it's not functional at that time of the day). But for all I know, it's just the Earth farting.

My personal take?

I wish I could listen to those metallic roars instead of humming. Whatever the fuck it is, sounds like my type of music. It's like Dark Ambient and Death Industrial. In fact I wish it could be heard everywhere, maybe it'll get hyped and mainstream, and normal people will start playing it at parties. I certainly prefer listening to "Brighter Death Now farting Earth version", than Lady Gaga on the radio.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What is love?


So it's that day of the year, Valentine's Day. I never thought it was such a special day, single or not; it doesn't bother me either, single persons tend to say how they hate it, sounds like bitter butthurt to me. Go fap or something, people, there are many other, more important things to be cranky about, than not being in a romantic relationship.

If anything, I can understand the complaints about how it's just an excuse to sell crap - surprise! that's how capitalism works - and I don't get why they like giving stuffed toys, candies and corny premade cards. The only group of people fond of that kind of stuff are children... Let's be honest, we all know the "adults" who like that crap, aren't really adults.

I read a bit of the history of V-Day, proving once again, how some ancient civilizations ruled.

Imagine half naked men running through the streets, whipping young women with bloodied thongs made from freshly cut goat skins. Although it might sound like some sort of perverted sado-masochist practice, this is what the Romans did until 496 A.D.


Indeed, mid-February was Lupercalia (Wolf Festival) time. Celebrated on February 15 at the foot of the Palatine Hill beside the cave where according to tradition the she-wolf had suckled Romulus and Remus, the festival was essentially a purification and fertility rite.

Directed by the Luperci, or "brothers of the wolf," the festival began with the sacrifice of two male goats and a dog, their blood smeared on the faces of Luperci initiates and then wiped off with wool dipped in milk.

As thongs were cut from the sacrificed goats, the initiates would run around in the streets flagellating women to promote fertility.


This is what I'm talking about! those Romans knew how to have fun! Nowadays? A bunch of ridiculous anatomically inaccurate hearts stamped over crap. Tsk tsk, humanity, not my concept of improvement.

The important thing about this da- Okay, there's nothing important about this day.

*If you don't know the characters in the picture above, check out this video:

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I Hate Nerds

No, not these nerds

These nerds

The definition of the word nerd has a wide range, especially if you ask a nerd about it. Typically they will state something along the lines of:
An individual persecuted for his superior skills or intellect, most often by people who fear and envy him.

Alas, reality has taught me otherwise.

Nerds are socially inadequate people, very insecure and weak, who cling to their supposed intellect and knowledge to compensate. Also known as schoolyard prey.

They're fairly smart in general, so they know this to be true.

I've met many nerds in my life, from school, college, work to the internet, and while I can share some points of view, and general interest in knowledge; the fact they're so socially inept always ends up pissing me off. As skilled as they might be in some areas, there's something plain wrong with their personalities: the fact they try too hard to be liked.

A typical nerd, hardly ever stands up for himself, rather whines and recurs to pity. More likely recoils and becomes part of whatever fandom to find more people like him, takes pride in his little group of like-minded people, and their ground-breaking superior taste, away from the terrible masses of bullies and jocks. But their most intense wish is becoming part of "the cool kids", getting laid with the pretty bimbos, and all that stupid crap. This produces a lot of anxiety and cognitive dissonance on them, ironically making them an unpleasant company.

Notice at this point, I'm referring to males, female nerds are a tad different.

Even when they usually grow up and change their appearance, try to be more outgoing and get the cool guy facade; the odds are, deep inside they're the same insecure, ball-less, obnoxious try-hards, asking for a good smack.

They tend to become manipulative and deceiving to reach out for others, and leech on the ones they perceive better than them. They'll fake they know about some subject, just to keep your attention. Or pretend they're someone's friend, to be acquainted with others. Feign certain trait, to be accepted. They'll deceive themselves as, ultimately, the winners. While leaving you with the bad taste, of interacting with a shallow personality that read a ton of books, and can quote Star Wars (or any other crap no one gives a fuck about) from memory.

The internet provides a great platform for them. All the social networks, where people can show the good side of their lives, and pretend they're better than they are. Not having to show face or voice tone to communicate with others. Thousands of forums where they can "pwn" people, with their great knowledge to impress others...

There was a certain fad some years ago glorifying nerds. And even today it has become a badge of honor, for some. The next is a short list of pseudo-arguments I've heard:

"You might be working in the future, for the nerd you bullied in school!"
Most nerds I know have average jobs.

"Bill Gates is a nerd!"
So? Being somewhat smart doesn't make you a genius, doesn't guarantee financial success either.

"Girls love nerds"
Yeah, no. We (non-nerd females) like smart men, not spine-less losers. The type of women seeking for wimps, are either nerds or control freak cunts...

So yeah... keep on dreaming, buddy. Keep on dreaming.

Sunday, January 15, 2012


"All my heroes are dead"

Those are the words of Bill Hicks in his last show, 1993, right before getting banned from life by cancer. I'm, nonetheless, not fan of Hicks. I appreciate his dark sense of humor, and especially his straightforward angry energy on stage, but I'm not his fan.

In fact when I think about it, my heroes aren't dead, my heroes just never existed. I can admire and recognize specific traits from others, their dedication, their attitude, their work. I read many authors, historical characters bios, but I can't see myself as a follower, I don't keep an interest in individuals for too long. I extract the considerably good knowledge and ideas and then move on. And when I recollect all my "influences", the scheme is so big, full of many fragments, it's hard to identify as whole known position, but just my as personal position.

This is why I'm very ambiguous about my political and my religious views. I can use labels to make it easier for people to understand, albeit it's hardly accurate.

I will never understand the mind of the followers completely. I will never understand how one can force oneself into a pre-defined parameter, disregarding personal experience and growth. I won't ever understand how one can aspire to be like someone else, but not to aspire to be better individuals for themselves.

Or how they can even "feel" for their heroes, to the point hysteria; the Beatles groupies fainting, the North Koreans crying over Kim Jong-Il's death, the audiences yelling at political rallies, the devotes chanting in trance at churches. I understand the power of the mob-mentality, as a temporal psychological phenomena, "getting carried away in the moment", but not as a permanent state of mind.

Between the many pros and cons of individualism, this is perhaps one of the best parts. After disconnection from the mobs and the labels, you have no one to look up at other than yourself.
You become hero-less. The only one who matters. The leader.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Breaking Bad

"I am not in danger. I AM the danger! A guy opens his door and gets shot and you think that of me? No. I am the one who knocks!" - Says Walter White, ex high school teacher, family man, who months ago (in the storyline) found out he had inoperable lung cancer, when he hadn't even smoked in his life.

Hey look! I'm adding pics to keep your attention!

Breaking Bad centers on Mr. White and his involvement in the drug business, in order to make quick "easy" money for his family (pregnant wife and a handicapped teenager), before he's gone. Or so says the premise.

I'm not really into tv shows, and certainly when I heard the positive comments about it, my inner cynical bitch just thought "bah, more American media crap". I started watching the pilot on Netflix around a week ago, out of curiosity. And I got hooked. This is not exaggeration: the show is worse than meth, which is the fine product our protagonist elaborates to make a living.

The first impression I got from Mr. White, was around the lines of "hey, he reminds me of my favorite chemistry teacher, back in school!". After watching the 4th season finale, there's not much left of that goofy, geeky, somewhat awkward school teacher. The character has gone throughout one of them most impressive transformations, I've seen in films or tv series.

This is the hook. The story is well written, the production and art direction are superb, but the real deal lies in the main characters development. We're used to watch tough good guys, the cartoony anti-heroes fighting the good fight, quirky troubled good folks, even the tragic heroes forced by circumstances to make hard decisions (your every crimelife protagonist, after The Godfather).

Here the moral ambiguity, doesn't come from the situations presented to him per se, but rather from the character, who doesn't draw the line between good and evil, but between himself, his personal interests, and the rest of the world.

Walter White (Bryan Cranston) is a brilliant character, who undergoes a series of changes but he's not transformed out of the blue, he just finds and accepts, what was always part of him. Something many of us can identify ourselves with: the desire to take control over our lives, independently of the cultural norms and customs. As he states: "Never give up control. Live life on your own terms."

This is a step further, from the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde dilemma, where the struggle is to keep "the evil side" under control. He breaks free from the fear to not follow what's expected from him, when he realizes his life is about to end, and his good (submissive) behavior wasn't fairly rewarded. This is the dilemma of the modern man, the domesticated beast, law abiding citizen with a modest life style.

He's not a psychopath, he didn't have a traumatic life, he wasn't born in a family of criminals. He doesn't have excuses, not even cancer is enough of an apology. He's just your average guy, imposing his new rules, even if this involves his downfall and detriment for others. He deals with the consequences of his acts, positive and negative outcomes.

Mr. White finds a rather peculiar business partner, Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul), one of his former students. Typical problematic kid, with a wannabe gansta attitude (yo!), involved in the drugs business, few connections and a drugs addiction. He is, funny enough, naive and lighthearted, at least in the beginning. Jesse definitively steals the show, being a more easily likable, albeit emotionally weaker side of the partnership.

Some great side characters: Hank Schrader (DEA agent, Walter's brother in law), Saul Goodman (an hilarious 'criminal' lawyer). And it's worth mentioning the law enforcement guys aren't the true enemies (if anything Hank is in a complicated position). The antagonists come in the shape of eccentric kingpins and south american cartel associates. Ruthless methods and glimpses of a crime culture, in (a sometimes wonky) Spanish.

This is perhaps one of the few times, I don't find myself rooting for the antagonists, and that says a lot.

Yo! More pics... bitch!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Art Generator

Tired of thinking what your next artist's statement could be? Try The Market-O-Matic (1.0) [fine arts version] With just filling the blanks, get a full statement, that would have nothing to envy to contemporary artists!

Found at Stephen Hicks' site, I don't really know if as an artist, I should laugh or cry at how it sounds like real statements. How empty modern culture is, that a simple generator can replicate it. Then again, pseudo-intellectualism never was very complex.

I remember when I assisted to art school, before we could learn varied techniques, or experiment with materials, we had started developing the skill to bullshit the audience. It was simple: take a social or philosophical subject, expand on the idea from a liberal or controversial PoV, or just add some fancy words, not commonly used, and voila!

Anyway, this is what I got:
Work of Anti-Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction

The mind creates, the body reproduces. In the material space, art objects are reproductions of the creations of the mind -- a mind that uses the body as a machine to materialize ideas, patterns, and emotions. With the evolution of the electronic environment, the mind is reaching a point where it will be free from the body to share immersions into the parameters of the delphic space. Work of Anti-Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction contains 10 minimal shockwave engines (also refered to as "soundtoys") that enable the user to make transgenic audio/visual compositions.

measuring chains, constructing realities
putting into place forms
a matrix of illusion and disillusion
a strange attracting force
so that a seduced reality will be able to spontaneously feed on it

Ros Kovac's work investigates the nuances of pixels through the use of slow motion and close-ups which emphasize the Mechanical nature of digital media. Kovac explores abstract and atemporal scenery as motifs to describe the idea of infinite space. Using static loops, non-linear narratives, and slow-motion images as patterns, Kovac creates meditative environments which suggest the expansion of time...

<-- Obligatory ascii sig. Repeat until desired cyborg effect is achieved. -->

/u[0]{)]|]]-] -------------/u/u!@#$%^~!@#$%^&*()) __++_)(*&^%$--------/u/u!@#$%^~!@#$ %^&*())__++_)(*&^%$--------/u/u!@#$ %^~!@#$%^&*())__+, etc., etc.

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