Friday, March 9, 2012

Saving the World for Dummies

The Kony viral video exploded this week, like a maggot filled dead horse. I read about the subject and watched the video last night, and I'm pretty sure you know what I'm talking about, since the video has gotten 56,647,137 views in 4 days, on YouTube.

The video has everything your average bleeding heart craves for: Africans, kids crying, the flat evil character, emotive music, hollywood-like production, a cause to fight for in the easiest, less inconvenient way possible. The recipe to buy a soul, to wash the white guilt in the western, with just a click, a small donation. It was meant to be a success. Starving kids covered in flies and bloated by parasites, don't have the same visual impact anymore, we've seen too many of those ads already popping up.

The video left me with many questions like: Who the fuck is Kony? Why is his name so ridiculous? And where the fuck is Uganda? Wikipedia saved my ass once again.

Oh yeah, now it rings a bell, that country in the film
"The Last King of Scotland

Uganda has already gone through a lot of shit, like Idi Amin Dada (who's portrayed in that film), alleged cannibalism, torture, killing; and no one gave a fuck. In fact, reading a small resume of the history of this country, when the hell have they been well? And suddenly because some dude with the hero complex makes some massive campaign to target tools and make profit of them, everybody cares.

It must suck to live there, but I won't claim I understand its complexity, after reading few articles online. Besides, it's their problem, their business. How come many of us are against American foreign policies, against interventionism, and suddenly it's alright to ask Americans to be the world police, assume control of the situation these persons have had years to repair, but haven't. And some could defend the action as: Americans would just train them, give advice. Give advice my ass. Are you now going to ask America to do, what you have condemned them for in the past? For going to Iraq and meddling into other country's affairs... Oh but yeah, NOW it's the right thing to do, NOW it's the time to act, fill the pockets of this shady organization, so you can sleep better at fucking night.

Yes, that's a shady organization, if you've not read about it yet, it took me less than five minutes to find information about it. Do I have to remind anyone that organizations like this aren't taxed? This is all clean money going to these random guys, but okay, it's your choice how you spend your money. Buy your pride "I support this cause" bracelet, but hurry up, Invisible Children has informed they don't have more kits to sell you on time until April.

It has happened with many causes already. All the faux activism, buy a shirt and get on your high horse, pretending you care, because you're easy target for emotional manipulation. Yesterday it was the starving kids, the pandas, the planet Earth, today it's Kony, tomorrow it'll be the tortured African women, then some endangered species, then more African kids...

Am I the only one noticing the pattern? No matter how much the world tries to help them, they'll always need more. The more people intervene, the weaker these persons get, or is it that they don't consider them self-reliable persons, to begin with? They're considered, like the panda, helpless, inferior. Deep inside many of these bleeding hearts don't want Africa to improve, they need them, they need their victims to save and play "the common folk hero" role. - Did I mention people living in Uganda are criticizing this campaign, claiming it does not reflect the reality of the country today?

Not only I remember Uganda for its crazy dictators, but their bills like one in 2009, where they intended to ban homosexuality, sentencing gays to death, and extraditing those citizens abroad to be judged. Yup, now your Kony bracelet won't go well with your purple t-shit supporting gay rights. You should wear the green one, instead, the one with the "save the planet" slogan.

Or better yet, if you care so much, start looking around you, see at your own problems, your own people and actually do something. That will be hard, you can't buy changes with $15 and sharing videos on social networks.


  1. It's sad. People yell for change and when change seems in their hands it's just a fraud.
    At least partly.
    Since a lot of money was spent on the professional film-making and all this shiny stuff.
    But their aim was to raise awareness and they definitely were successful. They spent a relatively good amount on building new schools afaik so it wasn't completely shot in the air but Kony is not active for years now and that is the fishy part. One of the fishy parts.


  2. Honestly...this is what I felt with KONY.

    I don't know how to hotlink on blogspot. D:

  3. I looked up it, they are not a good organization, most of the cash does not go to charity at all hah. People are charitable because it makes them feel good about themselves, like they are better people for it. It's true though, randomly giving money isn't going to help those people. Those starving little orphaned children are just going to grow up to fuck and rape and have more babies they will leave behind after they are murdered/die of DISEASE/abandon their children. It's also easier to center your attention on something that isn't here. Ignore the homeless on your streets, the single mothers working three jobs, the exhausted doctors and underpaid firefighters and nurses... beh, a bomb could drop on Africa and I'd only mourn the animals. And all the psytrance DJ's in South Africa. Them and the animals. Hah! People are too happy to eat up what they are fed though, so long as it looks good. Who cares what it's made of, it looks good!