Saturday, March 3, 2012

I HATE YOUR... taste?

"You're okay, I like how you taste"

No, I really don't hate your taste. More like I hate how people decide to judge others just based on their preferences, and how they try to condensate their personality to be what they like and what they don't. I hate how people buy the nonconformist subculture bullshit. But that's too long for a title and otherwise couldn't have inserted the lame Salad Fingers joke.

It's fair to say everybody has fallen for that at some point, especially during teenage years, or maybe you're still a teenager (in which case sucks to be you, you're not even a complete human being, yet). In my case, as always with music, I found the non mainstream music genre: Black Metal. Loved the music, the screams, the themes, their attitude. And of course found my Black Metal acquaintances, it was the only thing that glued us together, because otherwise we hadn't much in common.

I always liked "strange" things, films, music, books. It's exciting digging for rare stuff because you can stumble upon hidden gems, skilled artists doing what's not very popular and more in my (creepy) alley. But some of these guys took it to the extreme. Everything had to be kvlt, super underground and unknown, or it wasn't good for them. The "sold-outs", AKA everybody with more than 100 listeners, are looked down upon, and suddenly because something becomes relatively popular it means it sucks balls. In fact you might not even dare to listen to other genres, because you deserve to be dead.

This is the kind of people I'm talking about. The ones who become elitist for no good reason. The ones who will embrace every part of their subculture, become a walking cliche, and shun all the other "sheep". As if covering who they're and conforming to a subculture wasn't sheep-ish enough.

This elitism comes in two forms, fans and haters. Do you like the The Beatles? Well, a group of people will tell you it's absolute overrated crap and you should feel bad. You don't like that band? Oh well, fuck you, you don't know shit about music and you should feel bad. Where's the intermediate point when I can enjoy some songs and don't give enough of a fuck?

But I know the reason why people adopt this mindset (besides the fact, the human body isn't flexible enough to fellate itself), they relate to their taste in the wrong way, it comes to form part of who they are, their strength, their identity, without it, there's little left and this isn't "cool" enough. Similar to what happens to nerds, but with more of a personal choice. The choice is going against the current and being different.

The horrible mainstream, which I must say musically sucks mostly, but not because it's popular per se. But in their eagerness to go against the mainstream they'll blindly reject everything popular. I generally ignore hyped crap, these persons hate it with passion, as if Justin Bieber went directly and raped them, killed their family and burnt down their homes.

It's true that our taste can tell a lot about us, just like visual cues, the way you react, your body language, habits, addictions, physical features. Even things like your chin could tell about you.

"OH GOD" That's all I can say here

Like yeah, you're a grown up man and you like fucking pony cartoons designed for little girls, you're fucked up in the head, that's true, you need help. But the odds are, you cannot be defined for that single aspect of you. I refuse to believe everybody is so simple. And the funny thing is while people go judging others for being so shallow and dumb, they're committing the same sin themselves. By now we all should know, everybody's a dumbfuck until proven otherwise, independently of what they wear and what they like.

Begone now, citizens, the show is over.


  1. It'd be like me making my entire existence and personality revolve around hippie-wear and living by 60's acid rock mantra. I like those things. A lot. But they are not who I am. I think why people get so entangled with whatever it is they're interested in is because they don't have an actual personality to really develop or work with or show people. Someone who actually has zero other hobbies or interests or anything of particular merit - in their eyes - worth sharing or showing others. So they cling to this one thing they see as above all else and revere it, because it is who they are, these shallow 2D people essentially.