Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Destroying the World for Dummies

So I recently watched The Grey, it was good overall. It's a film about survival, faith (or lack thereof) and wolves. Forget about hippie feel-good films like Dances with Wolves, with tolerance bullshit propaganda. Or pro-furry gullible messages like "nature iz ur frand". This film is crude and direct, like survival in real life. It shows us how you cannot sugarcoat reality, especially when a wolf is gnawing on your pal's entrails, few meters away from you.
Yiff this, motherfucker. I dare you

I won't spoil the film, but it has all the ways things can go wrong for people in the wilderness. How fragile is human life out in the elements, away from civilization, how we would get pwned by nature, if we were suddenly exposed to it. After finishing the movie, I suddenly felt thankful for all the things I have. Think about it, we have: electricity, running water, access to medical attention, devices to communicate, even the fucking public transport, I so much despise; all of this makes of our existence not a constant fight to survive.

If you don't asphyxiate, that is

And the thing is we've grown so comfy in our little homes, we don't usually stop to think how would it really be if it was all gone. It reminds me of certain debate I've had the chance to encounter several times on the internet. The quasi-anarchic "waiting for the end of world as we know it", "wishing for the collapse of society", the fallout fantasy and that crap.

I recognize where such desire stems from, you're frustrated with how society works, you're tired of your medium-low pay time-consuming mind-numbing occupation, the world is full of dumbfucks (this probably includes you and you don't even admit it). That's understandable, you want everything to turn upside down, destruction, the fireworks and then survival of fittest for everybody.

Yeah, sure, as if only you were going to survive for long.

The odds are you can't even stand living without fucking electricity. - I for one CAN'T do it for long without feeling murderous rage. - You're probably flabby or fat and the hardest activity you've ever done is mowing your lawn, not without extensively complaining about it. And the only self-defense method you know, is pressing ctrl or alt and clicking your mouse. But life in such post-apocalyptic scenario wouldn't be as easy as in a VG, you cannot save and reload.

But let's say you have some training and wits, you're almost like Ted Kaczynski and you can manage yourself without society. Or maybe you've watched enough the Bear Grylls program and you know better when to drink your own piss or not. It's not so far fetched my dear Rambo to assume, you might still fail because without order, and a defined hierarchy, life would be too hard to live on your own.

In a forum I frequent sometimes, totally for smart people, someone gave a solution to the overpopulation problem and the dumbfuck problem. "Let's just kill all the low IQ average Joes. And let's keep the smart people, the scientists, the great thinkers and artists". The final solution for losers doesn't sound as such terrible idea, until you realize the implications. For instance: who's gonna work in the fields and ship your food? Who's gonna work in the market, in the fast food restaurants? Who's gonna clean for all those great minds who are busy making breakthrough innovations?

Whether we want it or not, we need the burger flippers, these obnoxious basic human beings who find Lady Gaga philosophically deep. We need people to function in a level we're used to and we can realistically face, without being in constant danger and going back to a primitive lifestyle. What we don't need is so many of them (population control anyone?). - Even Ted Kaczynski had to go to town once in a while, to buy canned food.

This doesn't mean I don't understand the problems, on the contrary, but these aren't the solutions.

Tired of a decadent culturally empty society? Let's start by promoting "the right" ideas/opinions. Don't support stupid entertainment.

Law enforcement is a tool, don't shield behind "fuck the authority" to not get involved and keep complaining about the very system which has guaranteed your survival this far. If you want a change, learn your goddamn politics first and get involved.

Don't like your job? quit, do something else, adapt to other lifestyle if you have to.

But I suppose all of it sounds boring, it requires you to assume responsibility over your life and actions; not like in Mad Max or Fallout, the realm of fantasy where everything is thrilling and causality doesn't function like in reality. In the end of the day, you can shut down the computer, turn off the TV, go to your comfy bed and dream about the zombie apocalypse. Be glad at least you have that.


  1. I must watch this. How did I not know this film existed?

    1. Yes, you should! I think you'll like it.

  2. Heh...Liam Neeson is the old man action star of the new century, a Gregory Peck and Jason Statham wrapped up in one lol.

    And we've discussed this before. Post-apoc is a naive cop-out, especially those who keep envisioning the Fallout scenario. Fallout was meant to be a glaring parody. Try reading The Road you dumbfucks. The post-apoc crave is basically some pseudo-Libertarian, whiny, lazy, and wholly unappreciative cry to "start over" because you can't stomach life now. Oh boo hoo. People have cried like this for eons yet life went on. Part of the strength of
    mankind is to sift through the bullshit and tough it out. Why is that so hard with all the inconveniences, oh whiny folks?
    And don't get me started on fucking zombie apocalypses. I can't look at Walking Dead the same way anymore thanks to all the fucking wankers.

    1. Yup. You're right FO is a parody, I think some people don't quite get it. The Road is depressing.

      I think some people advocating for it, just want to see everything destroyed because they don't have the guts to fix their own problems. Like: yeah, I'm fucked, I want to see everything else fucked too.

      But I do see the social problems, and I do see why one would want to get rid of the dumbfucks. The problem with culture is one that particularly pisses me off. But we need some of those fucktards, maybe not that many, that is. What we should do is fixing the problems with the tools we have to our disposition, not whining forever about it.

    2. The Road indeed depressing...even after the somewhat ok ending with a glimmer of hope. It was basically the real shitty side of post-apoc the wankers dare not read, even if it was just meant to be a story about father and son relations as Cormac McCarthy WANTED it to be, not post-apoc as a whole.

      But hey, I got a message once from a Ron Paul fan saying the same thing. Hey we're all gonna go so why not let it crash and rebuild?

      Oh, that'll be Rome, right? Lolz.

    3. "that'll be Rome, right?"


      Fuuuuny thing, after we rebuild things would probably take a similar path, that's how we function, we can't get rid of our past and how we live in society. So why not cutting the crap and trying to change things with what we have already?

  3. I'm the first one to admit that if the FUCKING ZOMBIEFUCKING FUCKAPOLYPSE happens, I'll be quite soon amongst the undead/infected/whatevers. Given the chance that it doesn't happen in the first few hours, I doubt that I'd waltzing through the wasteland, beating zombies with a baseball bat.

    Because if there's a law in the universe, it's the ODDS ARE AGAINST YOU law.
    Entropy wins in the end, you can only stave it off for so long. On the other hand, enthropy doesn't win till people do something, and we can't live in fucking anarchy, it never once worked throught human history.

    So yeah, meet you when I'm hungry for BRAINSSSSSSSS.

    1. From all scenarios the zombie apocalypse is the worse, IMO. There are too many mindless fucktards everywhere already, we don't need to deal with mindless fucktards, who also want to eat us.

      Anarchy is a state of transition, expected after big changes, it cannot be sustained for long, eventually some order of sorts shall emerge, the thing is how fucked that new order would be.

      If we refer to the political position... meh, more bullshit.

      Nuuuh, I like my brain.

  4. Recently I was speaking to a friend. We were commenting The Walking Dead and, as usual, the debate of "what would you do?" came up.

    "I'd go for the Ávila" said the guy. "It's perfect. Most of the land is fertile, you have plenty of space and not so many zombies who would reach such a place."

    "And how are you going to reach the Ávila, you fuck?" I asked.

    "By car?"

    "Right, with all the traffic that's going to come up? I wanna know how you're going to overcome the car-graveyard that the highways are going to turn into. Besides, how do you know there wouldn't be any zombies up there? Okay, take the zombies out of the equation: the living. You had that idea, so will thousands of guys. They will all go to the hills (and where there is people, there is the undead) and maybe a group of them decides they don't want to share anything and will try to take advantage of people like you by, say, raping your wife. Not any woman, * your * wife. What are you going to do then?"

    "So... what's the answer?"

    I shrugged.

    "The answer is, there is no answer. Survival will come by some of the things you'll do, but mostly by chance. Can you fight? Can you use a knife? Can you hunt? Can you survive on your own in the woods? All of that will come to play. It's a wild world of tribes and dark ages again. Anybody's game."

    You should read (anybody should, really) Stephen King's The Stand. Seriously.

    1. Only chances are joining to a group, armed to teeth, where you can defend yourself, but also, make yourself indispensable, i.e. you can drive a chopper, and no one else can. Moving constantly, because food won't find itself and its production has stopped, and it's getting more scarce by the minute.

      That, if you ever made it for longer than a week, which is a rough possibility.