Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What is love?


So it's that day of the year, Valentine's Day. I never thought it was such a special day, single or not; it doesn't bother me either, single persons tend to say how they hate it, sounds like bitter butthurt to me. Go fap or something, people, there are many other, more important things to be cranky about, than not being in a romantic relationship.

If anything, I can understand the complaints about how it's just an excuse to sell crap - surprise! that's how capitalism works - and I don't get why they like giving stuffed toys, candies and corny premade cards. The only group of people fond of that kind of stuff are children... Let's be honest, we all know the "adults" who like that crap, aren't really adults.

I read a bit of the history of V-Day, proving once again, how some ancient civilizations ruled.

Imagine half naked men running through the streets, whipping young women with bloodied thongs made from freshly cut goat skins. Although it might sound like some sort of perverted sado-masochist practice, this is what the Romans did until 496 A.D.


Indeed, mid-February was Lupercalia (Wolf Festival) time. Celebrated on February 15 at the foot of the Palatine Hill beside the cave where according to tradition the she-wolf had suckled Romulus and Remus, the festival was essentially a purification and fertility rite.

Directed by the Luperci, or "brothers of the wolf," the festival began with the sacrifice of two male goats and a dog, their blood smeared on the faces of Luperci initiates and then wiped off with wool dipped in milk.

As thongs were cut from the sacrificed goats, the initiates would run around in the streets flagellating women to promote fertility.


This is what I'm talking about! those Romans knew how to have fun! Nowadays? A bunch of ridiculous anatomically inaccurate hearts stamped over crap. Tsk tsk, humanity, not my concept of improvement.

The important thing about this da- Okay, there's nothing important about this day.

*If you don't know the characters in the picture above, check out this video:


  1. I'm telling you that bird is on the fast track to extinction being fat and horny all the time. Not gonna have a nice Valentine's.

    Important thing about this day? It's rather odd ties to prostitution with the concept of money and gifts with only the partial guarantee of sex, the actual hooker trade a lot more solid in terms of ends.

    But I digress...


    1. Important thing about that day should be having a good time, if people are into celebrating it.

      I don't know, everybody gives to everybody that day. "the concept of money and gifts with only the partial guarantee of sex" applies to certain type of relationships 365 days a year, heh.

    2. Good times can be had, doubtless, but it's dependent on the relationship and what each person is expecting.

      Alas, you and I both saw the Gentelman's Rant. We know the truths.

  2. Hilarious video hahahhahahahhah

    What is love? Well.. I'd say you can't tell it completely with your rational mind >]

    1. It's awesome. :D

      I was kidding with the title, it's a song's title.

      But yeah, you're probably right. There's this scientific explanation about chemicals and stuff, but it refers to infatuation, the initial state of romantic relationships. There are far many other types of love.

  3. Bahaha, I knew the dude and the bird the minute I saw the photo. He had a sexy head, awww yeah. I guess I'm over Valentines Day, I'm just mildly annoyed with all the hearts and pink shit everywhere and waiting for all the chocolate to go on sale haha...

    1. Sirocco is hard to forget.

      I'm so buying some huge white chocolate tomorrow XD