Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Strange Sound

Some of you must be aware of the strange sounds/noises, which have been recorded and uploaded on youtube, for the past few months or so. If not, here you go:

HOLY SHIT, what's that at 4:00? It's so creepy!
Oh wait, it's just people speaking Ukrainian

But the plot thickens, it's not just in Ukraine, apparently a similar sound could be heard in different parts of the world. England, Germany, France, Ireland, Denmark, Norway, Spain, Hungary, Russia, America, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Brazil, Mexico, and others, have reported the same phenomena, sometimes, the same sound, in different locations at the same time.

This sound is strangely familiar to me.
Who stole my Megaptera and Lustmord albums!?

Some of these have been debunked already, by enthusiasts studying the phenomena, others are believed to be real, not manipulated by the persons recording, without any normal explanation whatsoever. No aircrafts passing by, no earthquakes, no factories, no distorted sound coming from a recognizable source.

So, what the fuck?

They already have theories about what's causing these sounds. The usual suspects of course:


The wrath of God
Well, it was a pleasure keeping this blog for like... 2 months?
I told you people, let's get ready for it

The hum is a known phenomena that has been investigated and reported for ages.

Some explanations track the source to technology and the hyper sensibility of some individuals. Others directly to the Earth being an ass. Another plausible theory links the sounds to the sun flares, rushing the earth atmosphere.

Truth is there's no a single confirmed explanation as of yet. Just theories.

Now, the plot thickens again!

The nazis, maaan, I knew it was the nazis

I got interested on this for some particular reason. Around 2008, I started listening to this humming, it would last for 3 minutes max. Always between 1 am and 4am. - Dun dun DUHHH! D: - It wasn't as much as metallic roars as the videos above, but more like hums. Similar to these, the only difference is it could reach a higher pitch at times:

I wasn't the only one who heard it. Once even in a different part of the city, at a similar hour. It repeated constantly that and next year, and less during 2010. I can't remember the last time I heard it. I always attributed it to the subway near home (which doesn't sound like that, at all, and it's not functional at that time of the day). But for all I know, it's just the Earth farting.

My personal take?

I wish I could listen to those metallic roars instead of humming. Whatever the fuck it is, sounds like my type of music. It's like Dark Ambient and Death Industrial. In fact I wish it could be heard everywhere, maybe it'll get hyped and mainstream, and normal people will start playing it at parties. I certainly prefer listening to "Brighter Death Now farting Earth version", than Lady Gaga on the radio.


  1. This is really just strange if it is no fake.
    Makes me think of huge secret machines in the earth.

    1. I'm betting some are fake, but who knows...

      The hum I heard was hard to identify if it was coming from underground or somewhere else, and it had this particular echo, like it was distant, but whatever caused it was so big or the sound was so strong, the echoes seemed to be everywhere.

      Sounded machine-like too. Maybe they're machines, doing what? that's beyond me.

  2. Space Nazi Angels...that's the only explanation.

    1. It sounds like a band name I'd like.

    2. Best part is that the three names are interchangeable!

  3. Daaaaamn, I am at work and cannot listen to the videos and I have never heard of these sounds XD I'll have to remember to check back later once I'm home... See, everybody is like WHAT IS DOING THIS, and meanwhile I'm like "Huh, that's weird. Well, we can't know everything!" and that's about as far as I really need to know haha. If somebody figures it out, cool, but I like to think there's lots of sciency shit humans haven't figured out, or might be wrong about for all we know, and that's that. So long as this humming sound doesn't involve anal (or any other for that matter) probing or a horrifying death, the planet can keep on farting. HEY. Maybe the planet is trying to play its first LP? XD

    1. You gotta listen once you get home!

      They're all over Canada, apparently. If those aren't fake. I don't think it's something awful, but I'd like to know what it is, it's more Earth awesomeness to find out.

      That or mechanical monsters laments to find out. :D