Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Social Networks own us

I know most of you, if not all, reading this have an account in a social networking site, either facebook, twitter, lastfm, google+, deviantart, myspace or other. There's simply no escape from it, or is it?

Recently I deactivated my twitter account, there was no reason for me to use it, since I have this blog I can drop every thought here, or go old school and talk to a human being. I've not gotten rid of my facebook because I use it to network with people in my area of work, but to be honest, I cannot be assed to keep contact with them, I just keep adding them and accepting requests. I suppose if I suck at networking, I'll eventually get rid of it, and the almost 200 friendly strangers on it, too.

I never was into social networking, not for long anyway, I've been forced by circumstances, AKA trying to push my career, since I work online. I can't really deal with all the shallow dumb shit people dump everywhere on the web, as if somehow someone should care. Sure, I care for the shallow dumb shit my friends spur, but those are not many.

I feel the need to share with those friends I have online, and for that I have a private album somewhere else, not a social network, where I display my naked sexy pics... okay, just pics of my pet and me, and other boring crap. I do pretty much what your average Joe does online, I just prefer some sort of privacy, less noise and less drama.

But people needing the devotion of many to feel accomplished and people gossiping about others, aren't new riveting concepts, and that's exactly the catch: that's what brought chicks to post duckfaces on myspace, that's what brought douchbags to tweet every single step they take, that's what brought your parents to play farmville on FB, that's what gave Mark Zuckerberg his $17.5 billions**.

I hear many complaints about the privacy, but from my experiment with social networks, I found out they know as much as you want to. It's your choice signing up and giving all that sensitive information for them to manipulate.

For instance, I knew of lastfm since 2008, it's a great way to find music. It wasn't until 2010 I started scrobbling (sending data of what I listen to, for them to store and show publicly on my profile), I thought about it for months: "Revealing what I listen to!? Oh the nerve" but I find it handy and I do not regret it.

At some point, I noticed my lastfm acquaintances were "leaking" on FB, and now, you can pretty much connect all your accounts, and all your "friends". They know on FB what you like on youtube, or what you read on X news site. It does feel like invasion of privacy, but again, what are you really giving up here? Who's the one to blame?

Google's new Privacy Policy and TOS has alarmed people all over the globe, about security and the rights of content creators using google's service as platform (youtube, blogger, etc). There's a reason to be shitting bricks regarding privacy only if you DIDN'T read the Privacy Policy. They already had access to that information, they're now going to use that information for customizing ads. I've already gotten ads relevant to keywords I used on my personal emails, for months. We've been fucked already, and this is not new.

But what are they really doing? Just getting richer, adding some billions to the $16.7 billions Larry Page (Google's co-founder and CEO) has**. They don't really care about you, the individual who googles "cute cat", or "pedo necro scat furry gay porn". We're just getting profiled and targeted for marketing, people, we're not individuals for them, just branded sheep.

Am I the only one noticing they ask you for more personal information, in order to "protect" your personal information? It's like redundant joke. "Add your phone number, to protect your account", "your credit card number..." Access to you, your money, that's all. They already got your attention and loyalty; many persons even report addiction to fucking FB and Twitter, for Cthulhu's sake. I don't even understand how that happens, those are the most boring sites on the internet, they're full of people I don't care for, or people I could talk to directly, without them spamming me with their little predicaments 24/7.

There's this thing I noticed, sometimes when I google something, some of my gmail contacts pop in a small section above "One of your contacts googled the same you googled". What the hell do I need that information for? Why do I need to know if my clients have the same fetish I do? Or the same medical issues I want to read about? Why why WHY? And the problem is not fucking google, the problem is THE PEOPLE, the fucking users and their unwarranted self-importance, who keep biting the bait, for a little of attention and a space in my subconscious to advertise their pathetic lives.

What you do on the internet seems to be a big deal, after all people have gotten in all sorts of legal troubles with the authorities, because of their online activities. The rat is often an acquaintance of the offender nonetheless, who contacts the authorities. So think twice before whining on a site with your "friends".

And then there's the problem with content creators. This guy explains the problem with the new TOS.

In resume he says YT now can use and modify his videos, use it for marketing on national TV. Okay, call me insane but Youtube can pay $100 million to Hollywood producers and crew to make 96 new exclusive YT channels. So I don't think they'll dig the stuff, these amateurs are producing, to exploit them on national TV. Just sayin'

Not only that, but these persons are making money out YT, and have a place to broadcast their stuff. And there's this option, I've used myself which hides the vids you upload, making them available to watch via direct linking. They could do that, and they could not receive money from YT. And now they're complaining?

I draw the line. I voice my opinion against something I find detrimental, like my past article on SOPA and PIPA. This is not it, the ones to blame here are ourselves and all the attention junkies. I really had a inner debate about this issue, because Google owns half of the internet, these persons aren't stupid, but this is a crime with a willful victim. And I'm done with this topic, now I'm gonna watch some pedo necro scat furry gay porn.

**Notice I conveniently added the estimated fortunes of these guys have made out of us, while all we have now is the attention of 1000 bored strangers, if anything.


  1. Lulz. My aunt sent me an email on how to clean out my history because of Google+. I'm not even part of Google+.

    Concerning Facebook, yeah it's laughable when I say this but again I was a purist with this. I believed it should have been strictly for college kids, recent grads, and maybe a professor. Then that Harvard ratfink Zuckerberg whored it out. I mean in business sense he was fine, but in regards to social networking it became a clusterfuck. Seeing 55-year-old "6-figure Jewish" women start asking questions on Barack Obama and socialism to which I have to reply "What the fuck is a 55-year-old doing on Facebook?" elicited me to up and quit. I quit back in 2007 and never looked back.

    Honestly? I fear social networking now save for a couple websites. I fear of leaking and retribution for anything that one can no longer think it was a one-and-done. It paralyzes people and Lord knows that was me for a short period of time. It's pretty much why from here on in I've resigned myself to just the few things I'm on and that's it. They're all like vultures.

    "some pedo necro scat furry gay porn."

    Srsly, trans needed to be in there too. >:C

  2. Thats because access to the internet gained people who weren't the enthusiasts of the technology and don't know how to use it.

    The quality of people's interaction with internet and their understanding could be described by a timeline, where on the X axis we'd have time, on the Y axis - familiarity with technology, and on the Z axis - amount of internet penetration in the society. If we'd beild a graph we'd see how with time and growth of penetration, the familiarity with technology drops as internet penetrates those layers of society that can barely count 2+2.

    Back in the day, internet was once for scientists. Then for computer scientists. Then for the whole field of IT. Then for businessmen and enterprise. Then for the whole field. Then for rich people. Then people with medium wage... and so forth.

    Now the internet is made of idiots because the penetration rate is high. Thats why services become "more user-friendly". Why UIs become simpler. Why scam and fraud grow.

    The internet companies just reap fruit from this giving tree.

  3. So many websites offer you the option to "Log in with your Facebook account!" Um yeah, so Facebook can fucking stalk my every move everywhere?! I don't think so. I take the extra few minutes to create an individual account on all websites and don't link anything to anything directly. And while I do spend a lot of time on Facebook... I sure as fuck am not addicted to it. I don't play a single Facebook game, and never have, and never liked the "give us your information so you can play" shit. It's so true that our privacy is in the end, in our hands, it's up to us to decide with who we share what, where. Personally I don't want my Facebook friends knowing I fav'd some weird video on Youtube or that I pinned a photo of a pink skirt on Pinterest. If I specifically want them to know that, I'll manually post a fucking link to that shit. And keep up at least some semblance of boundaries. (lol I had to login to leave my comment and it asked for my cell phone number again... hah, yeah right)

    1. FB tracks your interests, whether you log in on those sites offering the service or not. In fact FB tracks the visits of non-users to other sites connected to FB. http://www.firstpost.com/tech/facebook-finally-admits-to-tracking-non-users-133684.html

      I would get pissed, when they share information without my consent, but sadly, there's little escape from marketing surveillance.