Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I Hate Nerds

No, not these nerds

These nerds

The definition of the word nerd has a wide range, especially if you ask a nerd about it. Typically they will state something along the lines of:
An individual persecuted for his superior skills or intellect, most often by people who fear and envy him.

Alas, reality has taught me otherwise.

Nerds are socially inadequate people, very insecure and weak, who cling to their supposed intellect and knowledge to compensate. Also known as schoolyard prey.

They're fairly smart in general, so they know this to be true.

I've met many nerds in my life, from school, college, work to the internet, and while I can share some points of view, and general interest in knowledge; the fact they're so socially inept always ends up pissing me off. As skilled as they might be in some areas, there's something plain wrong with their personalities: the fact they try too hard to be liked.

A typical nerd, hardly ever stands up for himself, rather whines and recurs to pity. More likely recoils and becomes part of whatever fandom to find more people like him, takes pride in his little group of like-minded people, and their ground-breaking superior taste, away from the terrible masses of bullies and jocks. But their most intense wish is becoming part of "the cool kids", getting laid with the pretty bimbos, and all that stupid crap. This produces a lot of anxiety and cognitive dissonance on them, ironically making them an unpleasant company.

Notice at this point, I'm referring to males, female nerds are a tad different.

Even when they usually grow up and change their appearance, try to be more outgoing and get the cool guy facade; the odds are, deep inside they're the same insecure, ball-less, obnoxious try-hards, asking for a good smack.

They tend to become manipulative and deceiving to reach out for others, and leech on the ones they perceive better than them. They'll fake they know about some subject, just to keep your attention. Or pretend they're someone's friend, to be acquainted with others. Feign certain trait, to be accepted. They'll deceive themselves as, ultimately, the winners. While leaving you with the bad taste, of interacting with a shallow personality that read a ton of books, and can quote Star Wars (or any other crap no one gives a fuck about) from memory.

The internet provides a great platform for them. All the social networks, where people can show the good side of their lives, and pretend they're better than they are. Not having to show face or voice tone to communicate with others. Thousands of forums where they can "pwn" people, with their great knowledge to impress others...

There was a certain fad some years ago glorifying nerds. And even today it has become a badge of honor, for some. The next is a short list of pseudo-arguments I've heard:

"You might be working in the future, for the nerd you bullied in school!"
Most nerds I know have average jobs.

"Bill Gates is a nerd!"
So? Being somewhat smart doesn't make you a genius, doesn't guarantee financial success either.

"Girls love nerds"
Yeah, no. We (non-nerd females) like smart men, not spine-less losers. The type of women seeking for wimps, are either nerds or control freak cunts...

So yeah... keep on dreaming, buddy. Keep on dreaming.


  1. Yessss.... could not have said any of it better myself. It's so true about their trying too hard. Trying to impress with their superior knowledge and shit, like somehow we should honor them for it. And VERY true about the chicks attracted to nerds XD

  2. I loved this post so fucking much.

    You described someone I know to the last detail. The guy, instead of standing up for himself, whines and cries around and plays the pity game.

    I couldn't agree more with girls attracted to smart men (and not nerds). Girls may like nerds. Women don't. Because all of the nerds I've met are, internally, children still. And I've learned that they're away from the hand of god, you just can't save them. They will never learn.

    The more power to us, I guess.

    EDIT: I shouldn't badmouth nerds... they're the most likely guys to buy my books.

  3. This rings true. From a rather studious, self-righteous, socially incompetent "nerd" and also "jock". Guess this is the whiny pity card, but this anonymous reader was abused as a child, turned to triathlon/math for something to cling on to, and certainly hates people/a terrible antisocial/shy/bitter/arrogant mess. The dissonance! The dissonance struck a chord. I in turn also hate myself for being attracted to certain females that I feel, were it not for their looks, I'd sneer upon. But I do not expect any female attention for any of my triumphs on the track or in the library. I do it for myself. First I may have sought attention. Then I didn't give any shit if girls are or aren't impressed, but thanks. I realize I do and it feels oddly satisfying that some aren't.

    Can't wait to get back to proving eigenspace theorems.