Sunday, December 25, 2011

That's like your opinion, man

Greetings, I'm not going to address the subjectivity of opinions, or the Big Lebowski, as the title hints.

You see, Kim Jong Il died, and I'm devastated. We had a lot in common and this is just sad... Okay, out of joke, I've seen a bunch of reactions about this, all people living everywhere else. I saw a bunch of jokes, people like "Our dear leader, we'll miss you", and I tag along. I know these are light-hearted jokes (or at least I hope so).

But then I see a lot of people celebrating, in different boards and networking sites, like "finally the tyrant is dead!". Do you even live near Asia, motherfucker? Do you really understand or know what's going on in North Korea, from first hand? Do you even know where in the map is NK located?

Oh yeah, you think your system is better than theirs, and somehow you defend "freedom" so fucking much, that you feel entitled to say it's better for them to adopt your system. After all "freedom" and "democracy" are so awesome, that everybody needs to get them BY FORCE.

I'm not ashamed to admit that I know SHIT about North Korea, beyond some basic stuff, you can read on wiki. And as I know shit about it, I don't have any real opinion on the subject, and I'm neutral about it. This brings me to reason why I'm rambling here.

Why does everybody feel the need "to express an opinion", on every subject, even if they don't know enough about it? Does it make them feel smarter or something?
The world doesn't give a shit, especially when you didn't come up with "that opinion" from your own logical process, to begin with. When "your opinion" is just byproduct of reading few headlines and operant conditioning.

Realize the problem is not that you have an opinion, the problem is spurring some baseless opinion, because it makes you feel cool and hip.

Remember kids, freedom of speech is a right, freedom of stupidity is not.


  1. Talking about similarities with dictators, there's this game out there, Tropico, I think it's called. You're basically a banana-republic dictator, not unlike our current banana-republic dictator. The goal of the game is to keep in power as long as you can. In my almost 10 year reign, I banned the communist party, imprisoned or had killed most communists, banned elections, banned religion, made cash on my private account on Austria or somewhere like that, sank the country into depression (because I'm a very bad administrator) and left the country when the military made a coup that took several lives. It was kind of fun.

    I am happy that Menta Lee Il is dead, I never liked that midget fuck. I've researched the thing and I hope to know at least a bit of what I'm talking about when I speak about the famines and... his really bad taste in clothing.

    See, when I speak about how communism is a retarded, fucked up, fairy tale faggot pussy piece of shit way of understanding the workings of society, it's because I've read Marx. I've read Lenin. I've researched Stalin and Mao. I'm biased, yes, but that's because I read.

    Saying Menta Lee Il was bad because France says he was and those guys must be right and that's what everybody says anyways and they're not capitalist so I guess they must be evil is, really, being a tool.

  2. That last part, I completely agree.
    I just noticed a bunch of that. I saw you sharing your own hatred for the dude (you could or not know, for what I knew). But yeah, I guess I rather a more empirical approach, in order to judge a situation.

    I feel more comfortable to emit a judgment, when I've been through a similar situation, or seen it happen to people close to me. When I have the chance to listen to the people who aren't in a position of power.

    Also! I gotta play that shit. Loved Civilization (for a while at least), I was an awesome ruler, especially at keeping my people happy and fucking with our neighbors, stealing their lands...